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Ultra 30-Day Weight Management Program

Dr. Bo's® Total Trim® Program is his most complete and popular trimming program. It is the ultra-30-day weight management program that utilizes most of his trimming products, vitamins and minerals, including all the daily essential supplements recommended by Dr. Bo, blended into all-in-one, specialized, weight management and nourishing formulas. It is a unique, pre-packaged, all-inclusive program, including two superfood and protein meals (Garden of Plenty® and Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Shakes), a jar of Meal Caps, 30 Pre-Meal and 30 Post-Meal proprietary trimming and nutriceuticals packs (featuring Garcinia Cambogia, Fucoxanthin and Gymnema Sylvestre) and a bottle of Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Sleep. Besides the basic program, you can also add any/or all of Dr. Bo’s other specific trimming products for your individual needs, such as Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Cellu, Total Trim® Define, Total Trim® Waist, Total Trim® Tummy, Total Trim® Blocker, InstaTrim®, Carb Stop, Stevia and Tomato Alternative™.*

Gluten FREE, Casein FREE (GFCF) Formulas.

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Are you somebody that has tried again and again to lose that extra flab around your waist and love handles, but it seems to be another failure? Have you tried going on and on without eating for days and still failed miserably? Have you tried all those unhealthy ways of losing weight, starting from starvation and going as far as surgery? Now if you are wondering if you will ever feel comfortable again in your own skin or a swimming suit, it's time to take a hold of your lifestyle and try Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Program, a 30-day weight management program.*

Weight Management Breakthrough
Finally, with Dr. Bo’s breakthrough program in weight management, you have the potential to trim off unsightly excess body fat and inches, naturally. Dr. Bo has learned that successful weight reduction requires a multi-dimensional approach and knows definitely that starvation diets do not work, but create a “yo-yo” effect of weight loss, followed by weight gain.*

Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Products
Our research shows that successful weight management must be addressed on many levels. The array of Dr. Bo's Total Trim® weight management and trimming products have been formulated to:
  • Increase Thermogenesis, boosting caloric expenditure to burn stored fat.*
  • Increase Gluconeogenesis to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and a corresponding sense of satiety.*
  • Reduced food consumption using natural appetite suppressants.*
  • Boost "Adaptive Thermogenesis" to help turn white adipose tissue (particularly abdominal fat) into useful energy without stimulating the central nervous system.*
  • Help reduce unwanted mid-section bulge*
  • Help interrupt the digestive process that converts sugar to starch*

The Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Program is specially formulated to play a key role in addressing metabolic issues critical to long term weight management. It effectively lowers appetite and reduces carb cravings.*

It incorporates dietary and adaptive thermogenesis to reinvigorate metabolism. It further pushes metabolism through gluconeogenesis to effectively take advantage of the body's ability to step up its potential to burn additional calories and manage healthy blood sugar levels without the requirement of dietary carbs.*

Normal blood sugar levels are also supported through herbs like Garcinia Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre, edible seaweed like Fucoxanthin and minerals including Chromium, Vanadium, Magnesium and Potassium.*

Media Exposure (Garcinia Cambogia)
Recently there has been much media exposure on Garcinia Cambogia presenting it as a new fruit with amazing weight loss properties. The active ingredient in the fruit's rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, has been shown to have weight control qualities, but it's not new. Many companies have been using it for years. I personally have been using it in my Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Program weight management products, with great success, for over 20 years. My many clients have attested to this over this period of time. With this long history of use we have been able to show that it is very effective and safe to use.*

Garcinia Cambogia, included in my Pre Meal, Meal and Post Meal Packs, has been shown to be beneficial for fat control, the creation of healthy eating habits and the increase of lean muscle mass. This is great; because the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn. This extract also helps establish and maintain normal healthy cholesterol levels and might also help improve insulin resistance.*

Program Products

Total Trim® Program Book
An in depth look at the program, its purpose, benefits, schedule and detailed instructions.

Garden of Plenty®
2 Bottles of 2.18 lbs. (990 Grams) Powder
This is a supreme proprietary blend of some of the world's greatest superfoods designed to provide the body with a bio-available well-balanced source of concentrated nutrition. This Multi-Superfood blend contains over 130 nutritional ingredients (whole-foods, food supplements, dietary supplements, juice powders and extracts, enzymes, electrolytes, omega fatty acids (3-6-9), nutriceuticals, natural fibers, antioxidants, amino acids, alkalizers, vitamins and chelated minerals) creating the world’s most complete superfood meal drink, with numerous benefits far surpassing those usually found in one product. Garden of Plenty is truly the ultimate All-In One Nutrition, the cornerstone of Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Program.* Ingredients

Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Pre Meal Pack
1 Bottle of 30 Packets (6 Capsules Per Pack)
This includes Garcinia Cambogia, which has been shown to aid trimming by blocking fat and suppressing appetite and Gymnema Sylvestre, which has been used for over 2000 years in Ayurvedic medicine to balance blood sugar levels and help curb one’s appetite, plus other beneficial ingredients. While dieting on the Total Trim Program, you are reducing your sugar intake, therefore assimilating fewer sugar calories, which allow the ingredients in the Pre Meal Pack capsules to handle your sugar cravings, help establish and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and eliminate remaining sugars as waste. There are 6 capsules in each pack. Use only 1 pack per day. Take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes (preferably 60 minutes) with a full glass of water before each meal 3 times daily.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Meal Caps
2 Jars of 405 Veggie Capsules
This includes 6 of Dr. Bo’s specialize formulas, Total Trim Fat Stop, Total Trim Meta, Total Trim CLA, Total Trim Carbs, Total Zymes and Total Multi blended into an all-in-one unique and complete trimming and nourishing formula. Take 9 capsules with a full glass of water with each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).* Ingredients

Total Trim® Post Meal Pack
1 Bottle of 30 Packets (3 Capsules Per Pack)
This includes Garcinia Cambogia, Fucoxanthin and Gymnema Sylvestre plus other ingredients that have been shown to effectively curb appetite and inhibit lipogenesis, the process by which the body produces and stores fat, thus trimming the body. It helps insulin metabolize fat, turns protein into muscle and converts sugar into energy. It helps reduce sugar cravings and helps block the absorption of sugar by 50%. It fights fatigue, regulates fat metabolism and contains 2 important minerals which are often lost while dieting. There are 3 capsules in each pack. Use only 1 pack per day. Take 1 capsule approximately 1-2 hours after each meal (mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening) with a full glass of water 3 times daily.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Shake
2 Bottles of 12 oz. (342 Grams) Powder
This is a delicious tasting, very nutritious total protein shake. It contains NO sugar, sucrose or glucose. Total Trim Shake with soy and whey protein provides you with an effective, nutritionally balanced protein meal that, if faithfully followed will lead to a safe and steady reduction of body weight without sacrificing body protein. It comes in three flavors chocolate, vanilla or swirl (chocolate and vanilla blended together). Combined with Garden of Plenty®, the Ultimate Multi Superfood, it will especially give you an energizing, completely balanced nutritional meal that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.* Note: If you are vegan, substitute the Total Trim Shake with Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Vegan Protein or Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Whey Protein if you are sensitive to soy. Chocolate IngredientsVanilla IngredientsSwirl Ingredients

Total Trim® Sleep
1 Bottle of 90 Veggie Capsules
The ingredients in Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Sleep™ have been shown to help tone the body, help continue your trimming while you sleep, help reduce flabbiness while you trim, and are also beneficial in supporting healthy joint structure.* Ingredients

Substitute Protein Powders:

Total Trim Whey Protein
1 lb. 4 oz. (567 Grams) Powder
A great tasting and easily dissolvable complex protein source comprising 24% protein and only 1% carbohydrates per serving and has been shown to be a great source of energy. The human body needs a constant supply of protein for the creation of new muscle tissue and to repair and build cellular tissue and has also been shown to play an essential role in the production of blood, antibodies and hormones. Those who require extra protein, athletes, dancers and body builders, and health conscious individuals, who are concerned about limiting their carbohydrates with their protein intake, Total Trim Whey Protein, with its great taste and dissolubility, is the ideal protein choice. Ingredients

Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Vegan Protein
1.3 lbs. (600 Grams) Powder
This product is a vegan protein formulation consisting of a blend of concentrated fraction of brown rice, pea protein (Pisum sativum) and de-oiled coconut flour. These patent pending vegan protein sources were carefully selected due to their protein, amino acid, fatty acid, nutritional benefits, low level of lipids, and taste profiles.*

This product's unique combination provides an essential amino acid profile that is very close to that of the ideal protein for human nutrition and compared to other vegetable proteins represents a healthy approach to tomorrow’s diet. This special brown rice complete protein uses NON-GMO organic sprouted brown rice that has an amino acid profile closest to mother’s milk. In addition we have added a super green food blend consisting of organic parsley, organic watercress, organic alfalfa juice and organic broccoli extract. Note: This product replaces Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Shake for vegans. Choose one or the other.* Ingredients

OPTIONAL Enhancing Extras If Desired:

The Total Trim Program works great as it is, but you can embellish the program by adding any or all of the following Dr. Bo trimming supplements to aid any of your own personal needs and desires.

Guide to Smart Food Choices
Dr. Bo recommends a diet that consists of eating food according to your blood type and combined correctly for best results and ongoing to help maintain your success and daily wellness. If you are unfamiliar with these principles or need some good direction in the area of diet this is a great way to notice a difference!

This book is a comprehensive in-home diet guide that will help you achieve and maintain the highest level of health, digestion, absorption and elimination through careful dietary planning, correct food choices and proper food combining. A healthy diet is the backbone of any nutritional program an even if you are already healthy you should still notice an improvement in overall total body wellness and proper weight management by applying the advice in this guide. It provides the dietary information necessary to design your own perfect meal, helping you to obtain optimum health, increasing your energy, stamina and strength, and relieving the tired, rundown, sluggish feeling most people today are experiencing.

Carb Stop™
120 Grams Powder
The high quality ingredients in Carb Stop Phase 2 Carb Controller have been shown to help reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches. Adding CarbStop to the Total Trim Program will help reduce the craving for carbs and lessen their effect on blood sugar levels PLUS neutralizes their impact on caloric intake. Each serving has the potential to neutralize the digestion of 2,000-2,800 carb calories. So, insure the success of your weight loss program with this clinically tested, all-natural starch neutralizer extracted from a non-GMO crude bean powder. Take ½ tsp. 3 times daily with each meal in the glass of water you use to take your Total Trim Meal Caps or put it in your shake or sprinkle on your food.* Ingredients

Colon Magic®
100 Veggie Capsules
Colon Magic, Dr. Bo's most popular colon cleansing product, is a gentle, effective and non-habit forming herbal formula. It is a special synergistic formula designed to aid in the cleansing of the liver and lower bowels. This unique combination of organic herbs helps to cleanse, feed, stimulate and rebuild the tissue lining and peristaltic muscles of the stomach, small intestine, colon and gastrointestinal tract. Colon Magic must be self-regulated. If you find yourself not going often enough or too much, increase or decrease your dosage by one capsule until you achieve the desired 3-4 good bowel movements each day. Also, be sure you drink 8-16 ounces of water each time you take a dose.*

It’s very important to be releasing well while on the Total Trim Program to help eliminate the fatty tissue, fat deposits, uric acid, lymphatic waste and excess sugar, which is released through the bowels, while on the Total Trim Program. * Ingredients

Dr. Bo's InstaTrim®
11 Fl. Oz. (326 ml.)
Dr. Bo’s Insta Trim is an all-natural fasting product that allows you to safety lose up to 10 pounds in just two days. Fasting is a time tested practice that helps remove excess waste and toxins that accumulate in the body. Insta Trim is formulated with delicious all natural fruit juice concentrate plus essential vitamins & minerals. These two proprietary formulas also contain 5 grams of Dr. Bo’s Fiber Magic™ LITE, a soluble non-digestible dietary fiber to assist the body in managing blood glucose levels and maintain normal healthy regularity.*

Use Insta Trim for two days anytime during the Total Trim Program and it can be repeated several times if you wish. Use it in place of your two shakes and one meal and drink one extra glass of Insta Trim mid-evening for a total of four servings for two days and refrain from eating any food during these two days. Drink extra water if you feel hunger. While taking Insta Trim continue to take your Meal Caps, Pre-Meal and Post Meal Packs, and Total Trim Sleep and any other extra supplements you are consuming.* Ingredients

Liquid Stevia
2 Fl. Oz. (59 ml.)
Dr. Bo’s Liquid Stevia is a highly concentrated natural, pure, plant extract (Stevia rebaudiana) and should not be confused with less potent powdered or herb extracts. Dr. Bo uses plant based natural flavors to help make all four of his liquids - pure, vanilla, lemon and orange, the best tasting ones available. They have a very clean taste profile with no unpleasant aftertaste. All four liquids have a zero glycemic index, zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs. They are chemical and alcohol free and only a very little is needed.* Ingredients

1 Oz. (28.35g)
Dr. Bo's® Stevia is an extremely sweet herb from a high grade pure extract of the Stevia plant. 99.8% of Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A) is extracted and has a very clean taste profile with no unpleasant aftertaste. Dr. Bo's Stevia has a zero glycemic index, zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs. It is tested and shown to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals and is 25-30 times sweeter than sugar, and far healthier! Only a very little is needed. A serving is 1/64 of a teaspoon which tastes as sweet as 1 teaspoon of sugar and there are 810 servings per bottle. 3/4 of a teaspoon equals 1 cup of sugar in terms of sweetness.*

Dr. Bo's Stevia is the sweetest Stevia glycoside and highest purity available and we believe has the best taste profile of any Stevia extract available. It has FDA GRAS status and is now sold as a sweetener and is great for adding to food recipes. Dr. Bo's Stevia should have no effect on blood sugar levels for most individuals, does not spike your blood sugar like regular sugar does, and will not feed Candida overgrowth.*

For those who have strong sugar cravings Stevia may be the perfect answer to help this issue during the Total Trim Program. Whenever you have a craving just take a pinch or two of stevia and add it to a glass of cold or hot water with or without a little lemon juice and drink. It will handle the urge. Take as often as needed. Also you can add it to your Total Trim Shake or food meal. It is extremely good and healthy for you.* Ingredients

Tomato Alternative
420 Grams Powder
A delicious tasting, functional dietary supplement to help nutritionally support those wanting the tasty benefits of a tomato, without the tomato. One serving contains the equivalent of two organic tomatoes. It can be used to make tomato juice or hot soups for healthy body trimming snacks between the Total Trim Meals.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Blocker
180 Veggie Capsules
Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Blocker (with Chitosan) contains ingredients shown to help support the body’s normal, healthy functions and weight management processes and significantly binds many times its weight in fat and passes it through the digestive tract without being absorbed into the blood stream, blocking fat, helping one to stay trim. Take 3 capsules one minute before lunch and 3 capsules one minute before dinner.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Cellu
90 Veggie Capsules
An excellent formula to help aid reduction of cellulite, with nutrients that have been shown to help increase general circulation, enhance fatty acid metabolism, reduce absorption of dietary fats, mobilize lymph stores for better distribution and protect structural skin proteins against free radical damage.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Define
120 Veggie Capsules
Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Define, which is premium Calcium Pyruvate, aids in producing, building, maintaining, and defining lean muscle tissue, while capably promoting weight loss, helping to burn fat, create energy and vitality, which helps the body become more effective (especially during workouts) and have significantly more stamina and endurance. During each of Dr. Bo's weight management programs, a body discards unwanted and excess fatty tissue, so it's very important to rebuild lean muscle mass. Total Trim Define is an easy way to accomplish this goal. Take one capsule 4 times daily; one 60 minutes before meals 3 times daily with each of the 2 Total Trim Pre Meal capsules and one at bedtime with the 3 Total Trim Sleep capsules.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Green Coffee Bean
90 Veggie Capsules
Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Green Coffee Bean extract is naturally high in antioxidants (over 50% Chlorogenic acid). Unroasted Green Coffee Bean has been shown to help support normal healthy blood sugar balance while assisting the body in maintaining a balanced metabolism and supporting healthy weight management.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Tummy
90 Veggie Capsules
Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Tummy has been shown to help handle that extra mid-riff bulge, promote trimming, reduce stress, balance blood sugar, control food cravings, maximizes metabolism and decreases the level of cortisol in the body which decreases body fat. Total Trim Tummy is best done in conjunction Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Waist. Take one capsule with each meal 3 times daily with the Total Trim Meal Caps.* Ingredients

Total Trim® Waist
90 Veggie Capsules
The ingredients in Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Waist have been shown to help reduce unwanted mid-section bulge, reduce food cravings and hunger, correct blood sugar imbalances, reduce carb calories without effecting nutrients, enhance metabolism, and interrupt the digestive process that converts starch to sugar, thus lessening calorie intake from foods. By reducing the absorption of these sugars, the body has fewer calories to store. Total Trim Waist is best done in conjunction with Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Tummy. Take one capsule one hour before meals 3 times daily with each of the 2 Total Trim Pre Meal capsules.* Ingredients

Any long term successful diet program requires a sensible diet and should be supplemented with some form of exercise. To maximize the results of your program, engage in regular exercise and other physical activities on a daily basis. This will help increase the body’s metabolism, tone muscles, burn calories and increase lung capacity. To start, try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes a day. Walking 10 minutes a day is a great way to begin. Eventually, if you can, build up to more vigorous workouts, under the guidance of your health care practitioner.*

Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Program is the easy and healthy way to trim weight and inches! ~ After the 30 days, if you desire more inches and weight trimming, repeat another Total Trim Program 30-Day cycle or for a smaller version try Dr. Bo’s Trim Pak®. You can repeat either of these programs as many times as necessary, until you achieve your desired weight.*

To Stabilize The Trimming
Also start 1 Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Daily three times a day, one hour before meals for one month to maintain your trimming success, handle cravings, regulate fat metabolism and turn protein into muscle. Continue taking 1 Dr. Bo’s Total Trim Daily 3 times daily, 30-60 minutes before meals for 3-6 more months to stabilize your success. You can also continue to take Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Sleep for additional fat trimming and toning of muscles, skin and tissues, anytime during you’re follow up maintenance program and include Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Waist and Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Tummy anytime you desire, to help handle any extra unwanted mid-riff bulge. If you still have carb cravings add Dr. Bo’s Carb Stop™ before meals and/or Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Carbs with each meal. To block any unwanted fat, especially when eating out and you don’t have control of the preparation of the meals, add Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Blocker immediately before the meal. To rid the body of more cellulite take Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Cellu and to build more lean muscle tissue and sculpt the body and build definition use Dr. Bo’s Total Trim® Define.*

Highest Quality
The ingredients in Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Program products are of the highest quality, their benefits are numerous and they are tested for heavy metals, micro-bacteria, analyzed and formulated using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in our ultra-modern NSF and FDA registered manufacturing facilities. These formulations contain no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, additives, stimulants, gluten, casein, gliadin, avenin, corn, nuts, yeast, oats, sugar, or preservatives that can rob you of your good health, and is manufactured with a process that does not require the use of lubricants or flow agents assuring the purity of Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Program products and bypassing the need for any superfluous ingredients.

*The statements in this technical bulletin have not been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition before beginning supplementation. Information contained in this bulletin is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician.
As dietary supplements, take the products in Dr. Bo's Total Trim® Program as directed in the PDF below, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Click on book picture to view.

During this program, 2 meals each day will consist of shakes made up of Dr. Bo's Total Trim Shake protein and Garden of Plenty powders. The other meal will consist of vegetables with or without a lean protein. For ultimate success Dr. Bo recommends his Guide to Smart Food Choices book for lists of great foods to eat according to your blood type and how to combine them for optimal digestion.

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