Ky Furneaux

Stunt Performer and Survival Host

Changed My Life!

I had known about Dr Bo for a while before I went in for my consultation. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make an appointment!

 I did a very extreme survival based show for 21 days and found as a result my metabolism had shut down and I was unable to lose the weight I had gained so dramatically after I came back from the trip.  I had hit 40 and all the tricks I knew and tried were failing.  I had low energy and my body was so depleted of all minerals and nutrition that I kept tearing and injuring my muscles as I tried to train.  A friend of mine had worked with Dr Bo and suggested I just go and speak to him about my concerns.  I am so glad I did.

 I completed the 6 week intensive cleanse (Magic Pak®, Deluxe Detox™ Program and Liver Kidney Flush™ Program) (it was not easy but the better I stuck with it, the better results I got) and I feel amazing.  I am energetically functioning at a weight that is lower than my original weight and every one of my friends and family keep commenting on how amazing everything looks from my skin to my eyes to how glossy my hair is.  For me, the most important thing is the energy though.  I need a great amount of energy to get me through my training and work as a survival host and stuntwoman and I have energy to spare.  And another great result is I can train hard and my muscles are functioning perfectly.

 I have been so impressed that I recommend Dr Bo’s methods to all my friends and family.

Movies: The Avengers, Thor, X-Men: The Last Stand, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

TV: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Bridge, Kyle XY, SGU Stargate Universe

Ky Furneaux, Stunt Performer and Survival Host

Neil Jackson


"After working with Dr. Bo for just two months I dropped an entire waist size and have more energy than I did in my teens.  I now last the long days on set without needing a caffeine or sugar 'pick me up' (I don't touch those things any more), and I also have the energy to train before or after work as well.  I also have a slightly enlarged heart and have always had a more erratic EKG.  After only 2 weeks on Heart Supreme® my EKG normalized.  Dr. Bo fixed my heart, he fixed my body, I am eternally grateful "

 Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest, House of Secrets, CSI: Miami, How I Met Your Mother


Neil Jackson

Shay Mitchell


"For me being an actress, I work long hours that sometimes throws my body out of whack.  I try to be as healthy as I possibly can, but sometimes my body just needs a reset and recharge.  I like to visit Dr.Bo every 4 or 5 months for a simple detox and body reset.  The Magic Pak™ is my go to as it is an overall body cleanse and enables you to feel healthy but maintain a healthy diet! I think it is important to listen to your body and when it is lacking in an area or not feeling right, to seek some assistance! "

TV: Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell

Jennifer Aspen


"I recently started taking Dr Bo’s product Anti-Aging Formula.  And I think it’s fair to say I will be taking it forever!  It has given me a profound improvement on the strength of my my hair and nails and also the texture and firmness of my skin.  I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin! I absolutely love it!"

Movies: Vanilla Sky, A Very Brady Sequel, LA Twister, and  See Jane Run
 Glee, CSI, Supernatural, Party of Five, The Closer, Grey's Anatomy,
 and  NYPD Blue 


Matt Bomer


Dr. Bo is more than just a nutritionist - he's an educator, a collaborator, and a mentor. If you're serious about getting healthy and developing good nutritional habits, he's the man to see. Doing his cleanse and using his products, have helped to keep me healthy and energized during long hours at work, and extensive travel.

Movies: The Normal Heart, Magic Mike, In Time, Flight Plan, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginnings
TV: White Collar, Chuck, North Shore, Tru Calling, and Guiding Light

Taylor Dayne


Dr. Bo tells it like it is - Your health is your wealth. This man knows his stuff. 4 real!

Songs: "Love Will Lead You Back", "Tell It To My Heart", "I'll Always Love You", "Prove Your Love", "Don't Rush Me", "With Every Beat of My Heart", "I'll Be Your Shelter", "Heart of Stone", "Send Me a Lover", "Naked Without You", "Floor on Fire" and "Beautiful"

Taylor Dayne, Singer and Songwriter

Don Kunitomi


Hello Detoxer,

I'm a 19 yr. Vet of the LA County Fire Dept. I was very sick and probably on the verge of serious disease. I tried everything including "superficial" detoxes.  I finally came to Dr. Bo's and he and his staff put me on the "big cleanse." Everything was fully explained & there is plenty of literature on the methods & products.

The first healing was my eczema that I have had since age 1. I did the cleanse two times.  All my experience with Dr. Bo & his staff is like me being "taught how to fish".

I am now completely healed and get very strong compliments frequently. My liver, colon, kidney & skin are now very strong and clear.  My annual physical exam at work showed incredible improvement. My M.D. was so amazed. My blood pressure, blood chemistry & overall health had improved so much he was shocked.

I'm now a different person with fresh looks, a very clear mind, much better luck and a near perfectly fucntioning body. It has been a super adventure/lesson!!



Ultra Complete Parasite Program™ Testimonial

Now infestation may seem like an extreme word to use but it was exactly what I had.  About 3 years ago I heard about the fact that people who ate sushi a lot or had travelled in third world countries should perhaps do a parasite cleanse every now and then so I bought a run of the mill, Whole Foods parasite cleanse and began the program.  WARNING – GRAPHIC INFO AHEAD

About two days in to the cleanse I went to the bathroom and noticed something hanging out of me.  To my horror it was a worm.  About a 10 inch long worm.  It wasn’t alive or moving but still, it was a worm.  My thought at the time was “well I guess I really did need to do that cleanse!”  Little did I know that it would be the start of a 3 year battle to rid my body of parasites.  Over the next year and a half I had worms come out of me EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Continue reading the complete testimonial HERE

Anti-Aging Formula Testimonial

"I have the unfortunate luck of the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ that runs in my family.  

I started to get it prematurely and it was really aging me.  I consulted with some top Dermatologists and a Plastic Surgeon who told me there really wasn’t much to be done about it. I was pretty much resigned to having this awful thing and it just getting worse over time.  I started taking Dr Bo’s Anti-Aging Formula for my hair and after about a month I looked in the mirror and had a hard time finding my turkey neck! An unexpected and FABULOUS result!!!  After 2 months of taking it, there is at least a 40% improvement!

I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to suffer and there is something I can really do about it!  Great product Dr Bo!!!!"

- Anonymous


Dr. Bo's ® Anti-Aging Formula

Jenny McCarthy

Actress, Producer, Screenwriter and Author

Dr. Bo Wagner is my hero. My life has been totally changed or should I say been saved by his Wagner Way to Wellness® program. I began seeing Dr. Wagnerin 2002 and the first thing he had me do was his complete detoxification and rejuvenation program “The Total Body Wellness.” After the first week of taking lots of powerful superfoods, supplements, and cleansing products, I immediately noticed a difference. My energy level increased to when I was a kid, my body started to become lean and young again, and with the help of Colon Magic®, I established great daily intestinal regularity instead of once every 14 days! Once I was done cleansing, I began eating and combining my foods according to his “Guide for Smart Food Choices” and taking his daily essential vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

Over the years I have watched him combined all of his great products and their healthy benefits into one supreme product, Garden of Plenty®.  It makes his programs easier, more convenient, good tasting and less expensive. I highly recommend the Garden of Plenty and his programs to everyone. In fact I've sent my family and friends to see Dr. Wagner. I continue to feel great, have fabulous energy and stamina, have wonderful elimination and my skin is absolutely amazing. Following his seven steps of The Wagner Way to Wellness, I continue taking Garden of Plenty and Colon Magic to maintain this optimum health and periodically do the Total Body Wellness detox program.

Forget Superman – Dr. Wagner Rocks!

Movies: Baseketball, Scream 3, Scary Movie 3, and Santa Baby
New York Times Bestselling Author of:
 “Healing and Preventing Autism”, “Baby Laughs,” Belly Laughs,” “Life Laughs,” and “Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.”

Jenny McCarthy

Jason Lee

Actor & Professional Skateboarder

I did Dr. Bo Wagner's Total Body Cleanse 7 months ago and haven't looked back since. I needed something to help me change my lifestyle, but hadn't realized that the cleanse would change my LIFE.

Not only did I drop over 30 pounds and regain energy that I hadn't felt for years, I feel I was given a new life.

Thank you!

Movies: Mallrats, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Heartbreakers, Stealing Harvard, and Dream Catcher
Animated Movies: The Incredibles, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, and Underdog
 My Name is Earl, Memphis Beat, and Raising Hope

Jason Lee

Rick Fox

Basketball Player, Actor, and Producer

 "In the game of life and total body wellness/health I continue to play at a championship level thanks to my coach Doctor Bo Wagner."

"Doctor Bo,
Thank you for such detailed care to not only create my total body wellness but the education so as to maintain a healthier lifestyle."

 Boston Celtics 1991-1997, Los Angeles Lakers 1997-2004
Won 3 NBA National Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers

 Eddie, He Got Game, and Blue Chips
 Oz, One Tree Hill, Shark, Dirt, Ugly Betty, The Game, and Party Down

Rick Fox

Eliza Dushku


"Dr. Bo Wagner has changed my life. Full Body, Full On!"

Movies: True Lies, Bring It OnWrong TurnJay and Silent Bob Strike BackThe New GuyThat NightThis Boy's LifeRace the SunCity by the Sea, and Bye Bye, Love 
V: DollhouseBuffy the Vampire SlayerAngelTru CallingUgly BettyThat 70's Showand
King of the Hill

Lucy Liu

Actress, Artist and Producer

"Dear Dr. Wagner,
Thank you so much for all you have helped me to discover. It's truly a celebration of life - this time it's an understanding that is such a revelation.
Thank you also for taking the time to care for my family and friends in your ever busy schedule. I so appreciate it and am forever grateful for your kindness and experience."

Best Wishes,
Lucy Liu

Movies: Charlie's Angels, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Kill Bill: Vol 1, Kill Bill: Vol: 2, Jerry Maguire, Shanghai Noon, and Lucky Number Slevin 
Ally McBeal, Ugly Betty, ER, X-Files, Sex and the City, Pearl, Dirty Sexy Money, and NYPD Blue
 Kung Fu Panda, Tinker Bell, Afro Samurai: Resurrection, and Macy's Presents Little Spirit: Christmas in New York

Steve Berra

Professional Skateboarder, Actor and Director

"I'm with Dr. Bo right now. Changed my life. Unreal."

Creator: "The Berrics" skate park
Movies: Anywhere But Here
 Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Felicity, Nash Bridges, and 413 Hope Street

The End, and Super Conductor Super Collider

Steve Berra

Maria Bello


"I could never get through a 14-hour day on the set if it weren't for Dr. Bo Wagner's program of eating right, vitamins, herbs, Colon Magic® and especially Garden of Plenty®. I have so much more energy and focus than I ever did before."

"Doing his full-body cleanse once a year has totally changed my life and kicked me into a healthier lifestyle."

Movies: Thank you for Smoking, Grown Ups, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Company Men, A History of Violence, Assault on Precinct 13, The Cooler, Coyote Ugly, and  Payback



Hank Azaria


"With Dr. Bo I not only lost weight, but I have more energy than I've ever had before. I have honestly never felt this good in my life."

-Hank Azaria

Movies: Night at the Museum, The Birdcage, Love and Other Drugs, Heat, Dodgeball, Along Came Polly, Year One, Grosse Point Blank, and  America's Sweetheart
 The Simpsons, Friends, Independent Lens, Imagine That, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Growing Pains, 
and  Family Ties 


Shondrella Avery

Actress, Humorist and Humanitarian

"I get my vitamins from a special spot, Dr. Bo Wagner in California. He's the best!"

Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Trippin', Domino, Deja Vu, Our Family Wedding, and The Secret Life of Bees
 One on One, Cuts, Girls Behaving Badly, Strong Medicine, and Community Service

Shondrella Avery

Jennifer Aspen


"Dr. Bo Wagner has been my primary source for health basics for over 10 years. I have used an array of his products with tremendous success. He is someone who is truly knowledgeable and has dedicated the better part of his life to understanding alternative health. He is a rarity and I'm so glad to have found him. And every time I get a part/role and need to look good, I go straight to him."

Jennifer Aspen

Movies: Vanilla Sky, A Very Brady Sequel, LA Twister, and  See Jane Run
 Glee, CSI, Supernatural, Party of Five, The Closer, Grey's Anatomy,
 and  NYPD Blue 



Jacqueline Pinol


"Dr. Bo Wagner and his Wagner Way to Wellness have changed my life for the better forever. Dr. Bo gave me solutions to all my health problems, solutionis that no one else could find. I am a big fan of the Detox program. It makes me feel like I'm reborn. I have lots of energy, I sleep better and I don't get sick. For maintenance, I keep myself healthy with his Wager Way to Wellness supplements. Thank you Dr. Bo for sharing your expertise and genuinely caring about your clients." 

Thank you Dr. Bo, you ROCK!!!

Movies: One Hot Summer, Monster Mutt, and Runaway Virus
 24, CSI: NY, The Closer, 
and Lincoln Heights 


Alfre Woodard

Actress and Producer

"The universal life force is always with me! It's in my kitchen, in my purse, and in my luggage. Everything that grows on the land and under the sea is in Garden of Plenty. I chug my Garden of Plenty® shake for a boost and for beauty. you can't eat this much nutrition, but you can certainly drink it and feel all those great superfoods. I'm a great cook and I like good food, but sometimes I'll skip the hassle and just dine on the unversal life force of the Garden of Plenty."

Movies: The Family That Preys, Radio, The Forgotten, American Violet, Take the Lead, and  K-Pax
 Desperate Housewives, True Blood, Memphis Beat, 
and The Practice 


Alfre Woodard

Bryce Dallas Howard


Dr. Wagner,

"Thanks for keeping my engine running."

Much Love,
Bryce Dallas Howard

Movies: Twilight: Eclipse, Spider Man 3, Terminator Salvation, The Village, Lady in the Water, Apollo 13, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Manderlay, As You Like It, and Book of Love 
 Family Guy



Edgar Piñol

Healthy, Active Retiree

For many decades I have worked in a warehouse and for the last 20 years I have suffered severely from major pain from my left hip to my left ankle due to my sciatic nerve. I had to wear a support belt for my back and take lots of medicine every three hours. They finally upped my pills to over 20 and I still had pain. Due to my limitations from the pain, I was forced into early retirement which I did not want. I have tried doctors, chiropractors, acupunctures, with no success and still felt bad. I have always run 5 miles a day almost my entire life, but now I couldn’t.

In fact I could hardly move at all. I was totally depressed and not happy with life. My daughter Jacqueline introduced me to Dr. Bo Wagner. His consultation made a lot of sense so I started his “The Wagner Way to Wellness” lifestyle plan. I began drinking more water, eating according to his “Smart Food Choices” and started the “Magic Pack” - Detox and Renew Program. After just one week on the Body, Fiber and Colon Magic, I notice a big difference in how my body felt. First, and the most exciting difference was, that the pain in my left hip and leg was gone and it is still gone!!! I have been doing a lot of walking and now back to running 5 miles a day, all pain free. This in itself is a miracle. But there is more.

As I continued the program, my other problems also began to disappear. I have had very limiting movement in my shoulders with much pain and I sleep on my side and shoulder and have very restless, interrupted and painful sleep. I am happy to say that pain is also now completely gone and I have full range of movement back in my shoulders and sleep very soundly without interruption and pain.

Plus I have so much energy. I was doing nothing. Just feeling sorry for myself and moping around my apartment. Well I just painted my other daughters house, cleaned her carpet and feel great. In fact the other day I started working at 7:00 AM and was still working at 9:00 PM and my daughter had to come and make me stop.  

Also I have loss ten pounds, the tickling in my ears are gone – no more wave noise, and my skin looks great. The bags under my eyes have diminished and are no longer sore. My lungs and sinus issues are also gone. I had acid reflux, mucus, congestion, and severe sinus trouble with migraine headaches for years. Both my lungs and sinuses are now clear and I haven’t had a headache of any kind since I started Dr. Bo’s program.

And finally, with Colon Magic and Fiber Magic, I have been able to establish very good regularity. No more constipation, which I believe was the core of all my problems. Once I detoxified and rebuilt my body, it has been able to function properly and at a high state of wellness. Thanks to Dr. Bo and his Magic Pack I feel like I have my life back and have many more healthy and active years ahead. I plan to continue his products and his “The Wagner Way to Wellness” 
lifestyle and highly recommend it to everyone.   

Edgar Pinol

Karen McCullah

Writer & Author

I've been seeing Dr. Bo Wagner since 2003and as a result, have experienced enormous changes in my energy levels and a drastic weight loss. When I first went in for a consultation, I was overweight and constantly fatigued. I had tried every diet in the book and was hoping for a miracle. I found one. Through Dr. Wagner's philosophies, detox cleanse with Colon Magic, Heart Supreme, and Total Trim Weight Management Program, I've lost the weight I wanted and feel fantastic!. I no longer need to nap every day and am in better athletic shape than I've been in for years. I use his Garden of Plenty product every day and can literally feel an energy dip if I miss a day for some reason. I highly recommend Dr. Wagner and his products.

10 Things I Hate About YouLegally Blonde, Ugly Truth, House Bunny, She's the Man
AuthorThe Bachelorette Party

Karen McCullah

Dr. Brandon Wagner, I.M.D.

Doctor & NCAA Tennis Champion

Ever since I was a little kid I have been living my dad’s The Wagner Way to Wellness lifestyle. Eating the right foods, taking my father’s Dr. Bo’s supplements, combining my foods correctly, detoxifying, and making overall smart dietary lifestyle choices. I began to see even at that early age how important it was because of my athletic competitions. Growing up , competing, traveling, and playing with tennis greats such as Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, James Blake, Jennifer Capriati I knew that to be at my best it would take the right nutrition to make that possible. Not only did I want to excel in Tennis, but I also wanted to further my education in Nutrition because of its utmost importance and my personal ambition to master sports nutrition. I went to school and obtained my Doctorate of Integrated Medicine and have been teaching The Wagner Way to Wellness and its benefits to athletes around the world. I was fortunate to have a successful tennis career as a junior, as a Division 1 NCAA Champion, International Champion, and as a professional coach having coached some of the top 100 ATP and WTA players in the world, for example, John Isner, Melanie Oudin, Olga Govortsova, Alja Tomljanovic and Heidi El tabakh. The high quality supplements like Garden of Plenty and the Magic Pack have served as great athletic boosters for performance, energy, and overall better health for me and my pro athletes. 

Dr. Brandon Wagner, I.M.D., a graduate of the University of Georgia and University of Natural Medicine (Summa Cum Laude) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a professional tennis player, instructor, and coach of the highest caliber and a Doctor of Integrated Medicine. He has competed against, traveled, and played with tennis greats such as Andy Roddick, Sebastian Grosjean, Mardy Fish, James Blake, The Brian Brothers, Jennifer Capriati, Chandra Rubin, and Serena and Venus Williams to name a few. 

Tennis Credits:

Ranked #1 in California USTA Boys 10’s and under, Florida’s USTA Boys 12’s and under, Florida’s USTA Boy’s 18’s and under and won the Boys 18’s and under Florida State Championship in 1999. Received a full tennis scholarship with Rich Maci (Jennifer Capriati’s coach) along with Andy Roddick and the Williams sisters at age eleven and also received a full tennis scholarship at the University of Georgia, was nominated to the UGA Athletic Roundtable, made Dean’s list in 2001, achieved South Eastern Conference Championship title in 2001 and 2002, was NCAA National Champion in 2001 and NCAA National Finalist in 2002, received ALL-American Status in 2002 and was a Letterman in Men’s Tennis at the University of Georgia from 2000-2002. Member of the USTA Professional Team in 2002 and as a touring tennis pro has won a number of National and International championships.

Brandon Wagner

Zoë Tryon  

Anthropologist, Indigenous Rights Activist and Environmentalist

“The Dr. Bo Glow”
In my work I have to travel a great deal, I would often pass though LA and see the same group of film and TV industry friends. Over a period of time I noticed that they were all sparkling and looking younger and fuller of energy than usual. I asked them what they were doing differently and they directed me to Dr Bo. They were displaying something I now call "The Dr Bo Glow"! And I wanted some of it too! Not only is Dr Bo utterly committed to his work, he really walks the walk, his passion to help his clients succeed in being profoundly healthy, and feeling fabulous is unequalled. I am often in very remote places where I have little choice over my food options and Dr. Bo always comes up with a solution that will work within my lifestyle. Rather than constraining my life as many other health plans might, Dr. Bo's way to health gives me greater freedom, energy and commitment to go out and live a big life.

With thanks and love, 
Zoë Tryon


Zoe Tryon

Dr. Norman Narchi, M.D.  


“I have a medical practice in Integrative Neurology and Preventive Medicine and have known Dr. Bo Wagner and been an associate of his since 2002. I have a very high regard and respect for Dr. Wagner’s natural healthcare practice, nutritional counseling, The Wagner Way to Wellness, and his all-in-one nutritional health products. I have found his integrity, knowledge and expertise of his respective field of practice to be of the highest caliber. I have been inspired by his informative eloquent lectures on how to achieve total body wellness at a number of natural health conventions, witnessed and overseen many successes with his clients, have personally benefited from his services and counseling and enjoy on a consistent basis using his all natural dietary supplements, especially Garden of Plenty. This delicious drink is truly a bountiful supply of nature’s finest foods and I find it gives me great energy, endurance, focus and a feeling of tremendous wellness throughout the entire day. I have introduced Dr. Wagner and his Garden of Plenty to a number of my international colleagues around the world, and they too have fallen in love with the Garden of Plenty and feel it is the finest product of its kind. As a medical doctor, I am in complete agreement with his philosophy and lifestyle plan to overall well ‘beingness’ and feel that if one will follow his The Wagner Way to Wellness program and drink the delectable Garden of Plenty that they will definitely experience great health.

Norman Narchi, M.D. is the founder and executive director of Radiance, Health and Well Being, www.radiancehwb.com.  Dr. Narchi earned his medical degree from the University of Vienna.  He was trained in neurology at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago.  He is board certified in neurology.  His medical practice in Integrative Neurology and Preventive Medicine began in Westlake Village, California in 1975.

Dr. Norman Narchi

Stephen J. Rivele  

Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter and Author

I consulted Dr. Wagner at a time when I felt that my health was falling apart. I was overweight, experiencing chronic intestinal pain, suffering from severe allergies and joint pain, and my immune system was so weak that I caught every germ that passed by. I was so ill so often that I told a friend, “Maybe Nature is telling me that it’s time to shut down.” In short, I felt that I was dying. I was fifty-seven years old, and had four children who depended on me. I realized that I had to do something about my health.

My consultation with Dr. Wagner came as something of a surprise. He neither weighed me nor asked me how much I weighed. Instead, he talked about promoting and maintaining good health. He explained the role of proper nutrition, how different food groups worked together, and the need to combine certain foods correctly while avoiding others altogether. His program was not about weight but about health: practice good nutrition, achieve good health, and the weight loss necessarily would follow.

Everything Dr. Wagner said made sense to me, and so I decided to follow his program faithfully for thirty days just to see what results it would produce. I was stunned. Within the first week, my allergic symptoms stopped, and the intestinal pain was gone. Three weeks later I had lost nineteen pounds, and for the first time in decades, failed to catch a virus that was going around my family. Additionally, skin problems from which I had suffered since youth had cleared up, and my joint pains eased.

That was four months ago. Since then I have lost thirty-one pounds and my overall health has improved significantly. I no longer carry two handkerchiefs with me everywhere I go, the joint pains are gone entirely, and my immune system has rebounded. Moreover, the level of toxicity in my system, which had become debilitating to me, has decreased dramatically. When I first began working with Dr. Wagner, I was on five prescription medications; I am now down to two and, at my next physical, I hope to learn that I no longer need those either.

The key to this success has, I think, been the Garden of Plenty product, which provides all the nutrition one needs on a daily basis, while eliminating the craving for those foods which militate against good health. Garden of Plenty is the cornerstone of Dr. Wagner’s system of health repair and maintenance; it has enabled me to take control of my weight and adhere to my program without feeling hungry or deprived. It is, truly, a fountainhead of nutrition and a facilitator of good health. I could only wish that it were available to people all over the world.

Dr. Wagner’s Wellness Program produces results, quickly and exactly as he predicts, so long as one is willing to make the commitment that he urges: to take the responsibility for your health into your own hands. He gives you the tools and information necessary to do this – he puts you in control. The rest is up to you.

Co-writer of the Movies: Nixon, Ali, and Copying Beethoven” 
Author: The Booke of Days, The Plumber, Dark Genius, The Mothershed Case, Lieutenant Ramsey’s War: From Horse Soldier to Guerilla Commander


Stephen Rivele

Kevin Gill 

Director, Producer & Writer

Dear Dr. Wagner,

I’m writing you this letter with a clarity and overall vibrant health unimaginable when I first met you. And now, because of your The Wagner Way to Wellness® programs with Colon Magic and the Garden of Plenty®, I have lost lots of weight and feel like a teenager. A friend who had just finished your wellness program recommended me to you, and enjoyed the same amazing results.

Now I want to tell the world about the benefits of the Garden of Plenty®, eating and combining correctly the right foods and following The Wagner Way to Wellness®. At first I was skeptical about coordinating and taking supplements, and finding the time to organize a new lifestyle and keep on schedule, but it quickly became second nature and quite easy to manage and keep up with.

I was an avid coffee drinker, and I thought there was no way that I would ever give that up, now I can’t imagine putting such a destructive, acidic liquid in my body. The Garden of Plenty® gives you all the nourishment and support you need to help you alleviate these bad habits and Colon Magic promotes good daily elimination. And the best advice I ever heard about nutrition was when you pointed out the simple truth about food choices: they are either medicine or poison for your body. Boy is that ever the truth. With the Garden of Plenty® and Heart Supreme, I sleep better, have so much more energy and productivity at work has doubled. Socially, even though I’m no longer drinking, I have become much more active, entertaining at home, encouraging friends to get out and do things with me, when before I was so tired all I wanted to do was go home from work, watch television and go to bed.

Thanks for giving me my life back, and for your rock steady support, guidance and friendship through these last few months. I wish you continued success in your practice and the best health always.

Kevin Gill

Director of MTV from 1983-1988, Director of General Hospital, Producer and Director of All My Children, Director of International Programs for Buena Vista Television (Disney), and the Director of over 350 Behind the Scenes (The Making OF) productions including Men in Black, Dreamer, Step Up, No Country for Old Men, Dead Man Walking, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Fargo.

Kevin Gill

Stephanie Victor  

Paralympic Alpine Gold Metal Skiing Champion, USA, 4-Time World Champion & 5-Time World Cup Champion Alpine Skier

When I met Dr. Wagner two years ago, I was at the top of my game in Alpine Skiing; I had just won the World Championships and was preparing for my second Paralympic Games in Torino, Italy.  My strength and conditioning specialist, Adam Friedman introduced me to Dr. Bo after he completed the Total Body Wellness Program.  Adam who has always followed the strictest of healthy eating programs and physically, is in amazing shape now looked even better – how was that possible?  I wanted to experience what he had and I went to Dr. Wagner.  Enter Colon Magic which re-established good regularity 3 times a day, for constipation had been one of my issues and the Garden of Plenty; this single nutritious shake profoundly changed my life and my husband, Marcel Kuonen my skiing coach, who also lost 10 lbs on Dr. Wagner’s program.  Prior to the Paralympics Games, we had a grueling World Cup season around the world with stops in Europe, Korea and Japan.  I knew that winning in the Paralympic Games would prove to be very difficult following such a hectic World Cup race schedule. I explained to Dr. Wagner I was concerned about not getting enough of the proper foods for my blood type on the road.  Garden of Plenty and Colon Magic filled my suitcase on our trip around the world and proved to be far better in sustaining my performance than if I would have eaten the “American” food they offered.  No one could believe that multiple Garden of Plenty shakes a day were my source of nutrients and energy instead of “dead” meals.  But it worked miraculously and by the time I made it to the Paralympics, I had won the Overall World Cup in Slalom and was full of energy to compete in the Paralympics.  I am sorry to report that the food in the Olympic Village in Torino was horrifying!  Pizza and plastic wrapped croissants!  This is supposed to be food for athletes?  I kept drinking my Garden of Plenty for breakfast and dinner with whatever salads, lean protein and vegetables I could get throughout the day and I won the Slalom on the last day of the Paralympics!

Marcel and I committed to doing the complete Total Body Wellness Program together after I won the gold in the 2006 Paralympic Games because we were so impressed with how The Wagner Way to Wellness plan had helped me perform.  We struggled at first adjusting to the Total Body Wellness Program but Dr. Wagner was by our side every step of the way offering support by phone or in person whenever we needed it.  I have to say that Dr. Wagner is a deeply caring, incredibly intuitive health practitioner who embraces all aspects of my mind, body and spirit to treat the entire human being.  I have never known someone able to treat so many clients and still give such individualized care.  His knowledge and experience is so extensive and his willingness to share and uplift those around him is truly inspiring.  When my husband and I completed our first Total Body Wellness cleanse, we were transformed.  You could see it in our eyes, skin, hair, teeth we were glowing and full of energy! My husband would regularly demonstrate for anyone who would watch his increased flexibility in being able to do Judo moves he had not done for twenty years.

My 2007 season proved to be my best Overall World Cup season; I won the Overall in the Combined disciplines and in Giant Slalom and Slalom.  It was my first Combined and Giant Slalom victory and when asked, what made the difference to move from second to first place, I simply replied, Dr. Wagner! I have and will continue quarterly cleanses with Dr. Wagner while daily consuming the single best nutritional superfood product I know: Garden of Plenty.

If you have read this far, than please, I urge you, give yourself the most rewarding gift, the gift of optimum health.  You are in the most capable, caring hands of Dr. Wagner who will guide you, support you and provide you all the tools you need to create a lean healthy, disease free body and maintain a lifestyle of optimum health.


Stephanie Victor

Gary Catona 

Vocal Coach

I met Dr. Wagner in 1995 when I was on tour in Canada with pop singer Seal and serving as his voice coach. I became interested in the The Wagner Way to Wellness® after hearing Seal go on and on about the results that he experienced by being on Dr. Wagner’s program. I have always been health conscious and curious about new ways to greater health. So, I decided to try The Wagner Way to Wellness. Since that fateful year my life has changed dramatically as I finally came to know what vibrant, perpetual health means. With products like Colon Magic and Garden of Plenty, I reached new levels of energy and well being. I was so impressed by Dr Wagner's program that I have sent many students, friends, and family members to him and their gratitude has always been overwhelming. And each year I devote four weeks to a disciplined cleanse/detox program to make sure that I stay strong and healthy. I have never felt better and many of my friends tell me that I seemed to have gotten younger in both my appearance and vigor. If you care about living life to the fullest then I recommend that you follow The Wagner Way to Wellness. It will be the best and most important decision of your life.
Clients: Whitney Houston, Sade, Andrea Bocelli, Usher, Seal, Shakira, Babyface, Lenny Kravitz, Brian Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Boyz ii Men, Toni Braxton, Annie Lennox,
Kevin Spacey, Robin Thicke, Lionel Richie, Robben Ford, Shirley McClaine, and Liza Minnelli.

Gary Catona

Nancy Thurston 

Professional Stuntwoman and Stunt Double

My name is Nancy Thurston and I am a stuntwoman in the television and movie industry. I consider being in shape part of my job, both inside and out.

I was introduced to Dr. Bo Wagner and his Garden of Plenty® a few years ago. I take it every morning with my organic fruit juice and it has amazing affects. It helps with my energy level and regularity. I refer friends and fellow stuntmen/women to Dr. Wagner and his products.

I visit the gym to try to look good on the outside but I visit Dr. Wagner to keep strong and in shape on the inside.

Thank you Dr. Wagner for helping me stay on the right tract with my health so that I can continue working in a career that I love.

Nancy Thurston

TV:  House, CSI: Miami, Heroes, Charmed, Entourage, Scrubs, and Monk
Movies: Beowulf, Flicka, Charles Angels, X-Files, Titanic, and The Rock
and many more.

Nancy Thurston

Jennifer, Philip and Raphael Posen 

Pre-Natal Massage Therapist & Physical Trainer / Architect / Happy & Healthy Baby Boy

Dr. Bo Wagner is the Wizard of internal health and wellbeing. We have never met a clinician so knowledgeable and so passionate about achieving total body harmony. Dr. Wagner has given us a greater awareness of how to treat our bodies with care, and has educated us with information and provided the required supplements we need to ensure that we live as healthfully and disease free as possible.  We have seen remarkable changes with the way we have chosen to eat, with our digestion and elimination, our energy levels, our sleep habits, and our physical endurance. My husband and I are both avid athletes and together, with our 22 month-old son, we take the Garden of Plenty every day! Our baby is a phenomenal sleeper and eater, and has been illness-free his whole life due in large part to the wheat free, dairy free, monotropic food combining program that Dr. Wagner has prescribed for our whole family. As our baby grows, we will continue to instill in him what Dr. Wagner has taught us. We are so lucky to be in the care of such a talented and wise individual. Thank you Dr. Wagner!


Jennifer, Philip and Raphael Posen

Maya Kriheli / Baruch Inbar 

Hypnotherapist / Producer, Artist and Animation Director for Disney

Dear Dr. Wagner,

Maya and I wanted to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation, for the wonderful nutritional program that you designed and so passionately did for us.

We can’t express enough how much we learned and transformed (and lost so much weight too…), thanks to you. Your commitment and devotion to help people and educating them to have a healthy nutritional lifestyle, are a true blessing in our life.

It has been more than a year ago since we did the total body cleanse program, and we still benefit from the amazing results and are definitely maintaining the proper eating habits, and implementing all the knowledge you shared with us. Your wonderful products (especially COLON MAGIC!) are major ingredients in our daily supplement plan!

Thank you again, Bo, and may you help many others to achieve total wellness and healthy and happy lives!

We love you!

Maya and Baruch

Jamie Greene  

M.A., M.F.T.

The Bo Wagner System has finally shown me that the combination of awareness, desire for change, discipline and great products are the keys to lasting transformation! Like many of us, I have struggled with the roller coaster ride of weight gain and weight loss and the feeling of deprivation of my favorite 'comfort foods'. However, with Dr. Wagner's simple system of correct food combining, blood type menus and especially his all-in-one Garden of Plenty miracle formula, I have maintained the 30 pounds I lost in 10 weeks and have kept it off for over a year. It's all about the understanding and appreciation of the lifestyle change and his first class products that have made the difference. There's a good reason why I've referred over 50 of my close friends, family and colleagues to Dr. Wagner.

Jamie Greene

Donald W. Doyle MA 

Hellerwork Practitioner

“As a Hellerwork Structural Integration Bodyworker in practice for over 23 years, I often have clients that need to lose weight or have other health issues.  For over 12 years I have been sending them to Dr. Wagner with the confidence that they will feel and look better quickly when they follow "The Wagner Way" that he has been teaching for decades.  I, myself, lost 20 lbs. on his program and I continue to use his Garden of Plenty® superfood every day because it gives me long-lasting energy and I know I'm getting the nutrition my body needs to keep going all day long.”  Thank you Dr. Wagner for helping all of us to learn how to live healthier, happier lives!  Your way gets results fast!

Donald Doyle

Diana Ahn 


There are rules to the game of life (spiritual and physical universal laws) and there are also rules to the inner and outer workings of the human body. Dr. Bo Wagner is the total body wellness guru. Through our sessions together, Dr. Bo has taught me how the body can reach its optimum potential and that in fact, the human body is designed to not only heal itself, but create long-term health effects that benefit overall wellness (mind, body and soul). I have experienced profound health improvements (and I have followed a healthy lifestyle my entire life) since meeting with Dr. Bo and am constantly amazed at how little we, the general public, know about what our body truly needs. The products that Dr. Bo has created that have become an essential part of my day-to-day lifestyle are his vitamins, Mega Zymes to help in food digestion, Colon Magic for great elimination, Heart Supreme  for great circulation and heart health, his Garden of Plenty Superfood complex and of course, my frequent visits to his office for hydro-colon therapy and advice on my next step to achieving total body wellness!
Having total body wellness is not an easy task, but one well worth the effort. I couldn’t do it without Dr. Bo. My utmost appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Bo and his staff at Universal Life Force for helping people learn more about the exact science behind how our bodies truly work and function and providing the various tools that enhance our daily experience.

Thank you!
Diana Ahn

Diana Ahn

Elise Azaria Lane 

On September 2nd, 1984, I got married. I was 30 years old and had spent the four months prior to my wedding date "dieting for the event". I got myself down to 140 pounds, fit into my beautiful white dress and on that special day, achieved the physical success that I had hoped for.

For my 56th birthday on October 19th, 2009, my generous brother gifted me with Dr. Bo Wagner's programs; all of them! This is the man with the plan. He has been honing his craft for many years and miracle of miracles, he figured it all out!

It was a week or so before my birthday that I arrived in Dr. Bo's office. I weighed 161 pounds: far from my top non-pregnant weight of 182 pounds. I reached this top weight only once, while successfully eating and drinking my way through an Italian vacation a few years back.

I couldn't wait to try this new program and I wanted to bring in my 57th year already in the solution. I began with Dr. Wagner's Ten Day Detox program, called Magic Pak with Colon Magic, Fiber Magic and Body Magic. I followed that with his month long Extensive Detox program. I saved the Total Trim program (the month long weight loss program) for last. In the final week of the Total Trim program when results were hard to come by, Dr. Bo had yet another trick up his sleeve, called Insta Trim. Insta Trim is a two day fast that allowed me to drop those last impossible pounds.

Regardless of an opinion or trepidation that you might hold, any worthwhile detox program must include colonics. Think about it, if you are cleaning out your body with a superior detox, you must remove the toxins. Dr. Bo has created a safe, comfortable and super clean environment for this business of vacuuming your vessel from the inside out.

His program is about proper food combining and eating right for your blood type. I have changed so many bad habits in one fell swoop. Knowledge is power.

On December 15th, a mere TWO AND A HALF MONTHS later, I weigh 135 pounds. I weigh five pounds less than I did on my wedding day, but somehow the dress isn't as flattering on me now as it was then. Having a child, breast feeding my daughter for over a year, losing and gaining the same 15 lbs. several times, and just plain gravity has taken its toll. Still I am grateful that the dress zips up.

One other huge benefit that I did not anticipate was raising my level of consciousness. The mind-body connection is powerful. I am a spiritual person and detoxing my body has given me a stronger communication with my intuition or inner guidance. It makes sense that if you clean out your vessel, there will be more room for loftier goals to manifest. I feel confident for the first time in my life that I have an opportunity to look the way I want to look and feel the way I want to feel, forever, one day at a time.

Dr. Wagner works with anyone, anywhere in the world. You don't have to live in L.A. He has also experienced great success with diagnosable illnesses.

I have known for a while that adversity, reframed, is opportunity. With the help of Dr. Bo my dream is now a reality. If this is your struggle, and you are willing to go to any lengths to bring yourself into a solution, this just might be for you.

Elise Lane

Michael A. Lawson  

President, Lawson and Boney Properties, Atlanta, GA

I am a young man and want to live a long, healthy life.  I was introduced to Dr. Bo Wagner and had a very informative consultation with him.  He introduced me to his "Garden of Plenty®" product, and it has had such positive effects on my health.  I noticed increased energy, a cleaner and smoother complexion, and more balance in my daily routines.  The product is rich with supplements which keep the body healthy and strong.  It doesn't require work.  I mix it with fruit juice and feel that I have had a complete meal.  With better dietary habits and exercise, the "Garden of Plenty®" product offers a new lifestyle for healthy living for both young and old.


Mattie McFadden-Lawson  

President, MML Design Group

Through a friend's recommendation, I had a consultation with Dr. Bo Wagner.  I had concerns about my overall diet and health.  His discussion was extremely thorough regarding one's diet, healthy eating habits, exercise, and cleansing.  I wanted to lose weight but was not interested in a diet program.  I was more interested in a lifestyle program that would ensure my good health as well as keeping my weight under control.

Dr. Wagner recommended his amazing "Garden of Plenty®" product.  Over a course of 3 months, I have lost 20 pounds.  I feel great and look great.  The "Garden of Plenty®" product has all the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy; and, at the same time, one can eat other foods.  I like the product because it works; it tastes great; and it works as a regular drink with water, fruit juice or as a smoothie.  Equally important, it is energizing.  I feel that I have so much energy and no longer have those lasting moments of lethargy.  I would strongly recommend this product for anyone interested in a lifestyle of staying healthy, fit, and balanced.

Veena Bidasha  

Dancer, Choreographer & Actress

Before I came to Dr. Bo Wagner, my lower back was in tremendous pain and I had little energy. I was told by 2 chiropractors and a medical doctor that I had to stop dancing - which was unthinkable because I am a professional dancer!

Dr. Bo saved my life and my career!

I have a lot more energy and not only is my lower back pain free, but my skin looks better! This has been a great and spiritual experience and I hope more people can go through this program.


Veena Bidasha

TV: Cold Case, Half & Half, “he Shield, 7th Heaven, ER, State of the Union, Cuts, The Jungle Book 2

Veena Bidasha

Lauren Gould 

Actress & Comedian

I did Dr. Bo Wagner’s detox and had huge success with it! My entire body feels better - lighter, looser, more fluid. My lower back used to ache all the time - now it doesn’t! I feel clean inside and out - and I know I am much less toxic than before. I feel greater physically, and I also feel great knowing how much I’ve helped my body. Dr. Bo’s the best! Thank you!


Movies: Mid-Century, Dennis, Menno’s Mind, Plughead Rewind: Circuit Man II
TV:   90210

Lauren Gould


 I have had an incredible amount of success with both the Total Trim Weight Management Program and Dr. Bo’s Colon Cleansing Program. I have more energy than I have ever had in my entire life and I haven’t had caffeine or sugar in 2 months. I started with Dr. Bo 6 weeks ago and I have lost over 10 pounds and went from a size 10 in pants to a size 6. My body feels toned and trim. My skin feels incredible and I have stopped craving all the foods that were bad for me. I had tried the Atkins [Diet], Sugar Busters, and The Zone and nothing worked for me. I would constantly hit a plateau after losing 5 pounds and I would never lose it in the places I wanted to. In addition, I would find myself not going to the bathroom for 2, sometimes, 3 days. Now, with Colon Magic and Colon-Hydrotherapy, I go to the bathroom twice a day. I had such success that everyone around me is doing it. My friends, co-workers and even my family, who I thought would never change their ways. 

Denise Read  

For the past five years, I have had problems with low energy, intestinal parasites and constipation so bad that I would rarely have a bowel movement without an enema. I was taking so many vitamins to get me “to go” and I was not going! I was in pain, tired, not able to concentrate, listless, bored, and had no energy to pursue my goals in life. I felt thoroughly defeated. I had seen various nutritionists and doctors and intestinal “specialists,” all of which could not help me with my problem. None of them knew about or recommended colon therapy.

Dr. Bo, at the very beginning of the cleanse, asked me what I wanted to get from the cleanse, what would be my ideal scene. I said that I wanted to feel like I did in high school: lots of energy, happiness, no worries about my health, etc. He said, “Then that’s what we’ll shoot for.” I thought, what have we got to lose?

Well, I did the cleanse and I DO feel like I did in high school! My body feels good and it takes care of itself, so I can spend my time and energy on what I want in life! It’s an amazing feeling, one that I haven’t felt in over 10 years!

Phase I of Dr. Bo’s Detox was my favorite! We found exactly what my problem was by flushing it out! From day to day I felt lighter, cleaner, my mind was clearer and not clouded with things that don’t matter. I noticed that everything seemed bigger, too! The world was bigger because I was less concerned with my body and more able to look at it. My mind was bigger because I could think about so much more. My body started having so much energy that I am still constantly trying to find more to do!

Before, it was all I could do to get through the day and get done what absolutely had to be done. Now, it’s more of a game. I am controlling what I’m doing and how much I’m doing. It’s not dictated by my body and how I’m feeling. I’m happier and my friends have noticed that I am doing more in life and haven’t complained once about not feeling well! I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how clear my eyes and skin are and just how happy and healthy I look.

Thank you, Dr. Bo! Without your help and your program, I hate to think what I might be feeling like today. But, instead, I’m spending all my time on working towards fulfilling my dreams and rubbing off my happiness on others!

Denise Read

Ami Adini 

Environmental Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

I have been now under the care of Dr. Bo Wagner, Universal Life Force, for about nine weeks. It involved the detoxification program with its pre- and post-programs.. I am very pleased with the results. The program helped me progress in a large way towards the goals I had set out to achieve when I started: my energy level has risen significantly and stabilized; no more “highs” and “low” during the day; no more exhaustion after meals; general feeling of calmness day and night; and a side benefit I had not even posted as a goal - I lost about 16 pounds. I have not been too heavy before. My height is 6’2” and I used to weigh around 200 pounds. Now I am under 184 lbs. and no more “love handles.” My wife says I am looking more attractive than ever. She also loves my calm mood. I used to be tired and short-tempered after meals. No more. She’s getting a lot more attention - calm attention it is, and she’s happy. As a matter of fact, she cannot wait to do the program herself.

I came to like Dr. Bo very much. I liked him from the first moment, and my feelings towards him over time have deepened. He is honest, he cares, he is spiritual, and above all, he is a true professional. Being a professional myself, and having always demanded high standards from myself, I believe I can recognize and appreciate high standards in the services I receive from others. The services Dr. Bo gave me passed all expectations with flying colors.

I would love to recommend Dr. Bo’s services to all my friends.

Ami Adini

Richard Stewart  

Painter, Actor & Comedian

I just finished the Detox Program and I feel like I have a new body! I suffered from the yo-yo ups and downs of energy. My “handle” was coffee. My health got worse and worse. Needless to say I’m off coffee (and sugar) and I feel so calm and stable. I no longer have coffee or sugar cravings. I got exactly what I wanted from this program. My attention is no longer on my body - it’s now on “create!” Thank you so much Dr. Bo!

Richard Stewart
Painter, Actor, Comedian

Richard Stewart

I just finished a very successful Liver Flush with Dr. Bo. As a painting contractor I’ve had to really work to keep my liver healthy. I’ve done liver flushes before, but this was by far the most successful.

The upshot is now I have more energy and feel more alive! I started weight lifting (I’m 51 years old)!

Thank you, Dr. Bo. You’re the BEST.

Richard Stewart
Painter, Actor, Comedian

I just finished the detox by Dr. Bo and I feel GREAT! I had a bonus win from this detox: my right shoulder has been bothering me for months. I had already decided and accepted that it’s probably age and I’m stuck with it. It was so annoying.

After the cleanse, I woke up and the pain was GONE! I even tried to make it come back by moving my arm all around, but it’s gone and I’m thrilled!!

Thanks Dr. Bo for giving me a NEW BODY!

Richard Stewart
Painter, Actor, Comedian

Devona Lewis

A week ago I was in incredible pain in my shoulder - moving down my arm - now it’s gone. I have more energy - the body feels healthier, happier and calmer. I’m amazed at the amount of results I’ve gotten in a week. Thanks so much Dr. Bo - I’ve gotten so much more progress with Dr. Bo’s Detox than medical or chiropractic.s


Gerald W. Chamales 

Chairman and Founder of Omni Computer Products, Carson, CA

Dear Dr. Bo:

I am extremely pleased with the nutritional consulting, cleansing and detoxification procedures that you have implemented in the last ten weeks. In addition to your extraordinarily professional attitude and commitment to excellence, I have received outstanding result. After ten weeks of detoxification and liver flushes I have lost in excess of 20 lbs. and feel more energetic than I have felt in many years.

I’d like to thank you for helping me to achieve more optimum health. I look forward to referring you to my friends and relatives so that they can garner the extraordinary benefits that your nutritional consulting has provided me.

All the best,
Gerald W. Chamales

Gerald Chamales

Lisa Marie  


Through Dr. Bo’s nutritional counseling, detoxification, and hydrotherapy, I have been able to overcome and alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, chronic eye infections, and headaches. I have a much-increased energy level, better digestion, and have improved my hearing considerably.

I feel his treatments have been extremely beneficial in my life.

Andrea Doven  

Actress & Producer

I have heard about Dr. Bo’s nutritional programs as well as his detoxification from different friends and associates that I TRUST and RESPECT and so I made an appointment to START the detox and I have to say the condition of my body has improved on so many levels.

Firstly, I stopped drinking coffee (which I loved) and I have to say that I had no idea the ill-effects on my body until I stopped and did the program. I wake up with energy and excitement instead of groggy and lethargic. My energy levels throughout the day remain high and do not roller-coaster. I am not as tired in the evenings and I have no more cravings for that ‘pick me up!’

I had a chronic problem with constipation - I have always been very irregular. I tried everything throughout the years to handle it and after doing the detox program and following up by eating correctly and taking the right vitamins, minerals and herbs… I am VERY regular!!!! Dr. Bo’s program handled it!!!

I had a lot of food habits and routines that I have now broke (for instance… I ate balance bars like candy bars a few times a day really to handle a sugar craving and a need for ‘energy.’ I had to start the day with coffee to feel good and awake and there are many more).

I FEEL LIGHTER, ENERGIZED AND IN A BETTER MOOD THROUGHOUT THE DAY, MORE PHYSICALLY FIT (and I haven’t even worked out more). I feel like I got rid of everything that wasn’t ME!!! TOXINS that were in my system for years. I honestly feel that whatever nutrition I put into my body GETS ASSIMILATED whereas before when I tried to put something new and nutritional in my body it didn’t take effect or really create a change.

This detox is not the same quick fix - it has changed my viewpoint on food and corrected imbalances that I didn’t know existed. It was the catalyst that has caused me to BE CAUSE over MY BODY and that is a gift because it is the only body I’ve got his lifetime and I want it to work for many years (I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish!).

Thank you, Dr. Bo, for introducing me to a better way of taking care of my body and for all your fantastic programs!!!!

Movies:  “Peacemaker”, “A Portrait of A Lady”

Elizabeth Bruce Wheeler  


I used to be a complete food junkie. I ate sweets everyday. If I did not have a Coke® every day and ice cream on the weekends, I was not happy. After I did Dr. Bo’s cleanse and colonics, I felt like my body was clean and I no longer wanted to put junk into (nor would it let me). Therefore, now I never eat sweets (not even Coke®) I only eat what I need and what will make my body happy. I love taking care of my body now, because I feel that it is cleaned out and if I start putting horrible things in it again, I will start the process over again. No way.

Thanks, Dr. Bo.

Elizabeth Bruce Wheeler

Virginia Pereira  


I absolutely love Dr. Bo and his wisdom! He’s the perfect example of vibrant health! On his Super Trim Program I have lost weight, regained energy and feel so happy! I dance and sing all the time. It’s like I’ve come back to being more myself through getting healthy. The food combining is so native to me and my body is thankful. Dr. Bo has helped me get rid of the false data I’ve had on nutrition.


Movies: Not Forgotten, Spartan, Mid-Century, Magnolia
TV: Hope Abound, Port Charles, Alias, MAD-TV


Sharon Taylor  


My whole body image has changed in my mind and in the mirror. I feel light, lean, healthy and energized. Saved me from liposuction as an option.

I’m off coffee and I don’t miss it!

I made a commitment to taking better care of myself and being more causative as to my health and body.

No nagging little body discomforts or pains.

I learned to love seafood.

Went from a size 6 to a size 4!

When I feel good about my body, I feel I deserve other good things in life… expansion on all dynamics!

Thank You Dr. Bo,

Sharon Taylor


Edith Dume  


No kidding, when you feel well physically, when your body feels clean and pure, your mind shifts and tunes up with your new acquired health. Your thoughts, your perceptions become clearer, your instincts and intuitive impressions don’t fail you, your heart becomes your guide and you yourself become wholesome. Mind, heart and soul are finally in total agreement inside your body that becomes a temple of light.

How wouldn’t this new state of being affect your surroundings, the people around you, even the objects that you touch and that serve you in your daily and now super-happy life?...

Today’s November 1, 2006. On July 25, 2007, I’ll be 57 years YOUNG. My body’s changing through a series of cleansing treatments and thanks to the super-diet, Total Trim ProgramDr. Bo Wagner has created. During all this process I also did colonics to help my system get rid of toxins and potential disease carriers that were consuming my body to the point of almost not being able to walk, in so much pain I was.

Today, I’m celebrating and welcoming my new acquired youth. I feel young again. I feel like 25 going to 17 with all the wisdom and experience that my “age” has given me. I feel beautiful and so much joy, once again, after a long period of time that everything in my life was in disarray. My body was decaying and I was feeling really old and almost hopeless.

According to conventional medicine, for me to stop my terrible sciatica pains, besides being prescribed with huge amounts of chemical pain killers, the doctors also started treating me with cortisone, with side effects so brutal that the pain was even more endurable. So, as the last resort and pain management recourse, their advice was to treat me with peridural-cortisone shots in my back to the stop the swelling and the pain of the bundle of nerves that were practically paralyzing me.

At that point, I decided that conventional medicine wasn’t the answer and thank God Dr. Bo Wagner came into my life.

I spent 2 hours with Dr. Bo Wagner on my first session and he gave me a diet according to my blood type and we created a program for me to start cleansing my body as well as helping it to shed the extra unneeded pounds.

Dr. Bo told me not to rush into any other treatments besides cleansing and colonics to see what that can do for me first and sure, it did a lot. Once the colon started unloading and shedding its waste and garbage accumulated for years and my body started its purifying process, the pain started to disappear to the point that today, I practically don’t have any pain.

I’m with Dr. Bo since last July. I’m still doing his SUPER TRIM program to lose weight and will start today my second month. I’m still doing and will continue for a while with my colonics and by the end of the year I’ll do a more thorough and deep cleansing.

By next year I’ll write my second testimonial and this time from a space that only newborn babies can dwell in. Because I feel that by then, I’ll be like a newborn 57 year old child looking at life and at the world from within my renewed space, where only health, light and hope reside.

Thank you, Dr. Bo and God Bless you for all you’ve done to bring well-being and heartiness to our convoluted planet.


Ron Corvino  

I’ve been on the Total Trim Program for the past 30 days and have found the results to be remarkable. I have lost 10 pounds and have also seen significant changes in the following areas: improved skin texture and complexion, improved vision, improved focus and attention span, more patience with my children and wife, improved sleep and surge in energy without stimulation.

As a male in my 40s with demanding work and travel schedule, the Total Trim Program has not interfered with, or been a burden to my business or personal life. I have recommended this program to several friends and highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle.

Isabel Bruni  


Dear Dr. Wagner,

Thank you for giving me my health!

Lots of love.

Movies: In the Bathroom, Cante Jondo, Stunt C*cks
TV: Boston Public, Untold Stories of ER

Carol Mann  


I absolutely LOVE the stevia that you have. It is so wonderfully sweet without any aftertaste, with just a tiny bit of it.

Could I please order 4 more jars so I can put it everywhere? Also the ionic trace minerals and electrolytes have definitely caused my doggie to stop scratching, just like you said. So, I need a couple more jars of that too. And also, 2 jars of Bright Eyes for my doggie also. Thank the Universe, she can still see. Thanks so much.

Your nutritional advice rings in my ears all the time and when I don’t follow it, I don’t feel as good. Kind of like when you are learning something new you have to fall back a couple of times to see where you are going. If I have a consistent “downfall” it is coffee and milk. I absolutely love that, but at least I am drinking it with stevia (only your stevia works) and not sugar or other insulin releasing stuff. If I persist in anything, it is that.

I have also lost some fat with your diet plan and it was great too. I want to lose a bit more so I need to find my next window of opportunity for that. Incredible… a “diet” that really works!

Also, when I don’t drink enough water, I am really aware of that also. You have really raised my consciousness!

I have told many people about you.

Thanks very much.

My very best regards,
Carol Mann

Nina Junot  

Dear Dr. Wagner,

I have successfully completed the detox! It was great as usual. I feel great!! I am absolutely addicted to your program and supplements. They work SO well with my body.

Thank you Dr. Bo.

Each testimonial is a true and accurate representation of their experience and no one was compensated. You may not experience the exact same results. Most people who go through Dr. Bo’s programs or use his products experience positive results.”

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