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The Chalkboard 

Carlota Espinosa

Carlota Espinosa by Kate Mulling

Inside the stylish kitchen of online fashion star Carlota Espinosa!

Jan. 22, 2013 - First up, we have Carlota Espinosa. As the former Vice President at online flash sale supersite Haute Look and the co-founder of Syloot she certainly knows that nothing is as fashionable as living well. She's an avid entertainer who often hosts some of LA's top tastemakers and is always able to whip up a delicious spread that delights her eclectic mix of guests. We stopped by to tour her Hollywood Hills bungalow, check out her brand new style site, get an impromptu cooking lesson from her lovely mother, and see first-hand how eating well, feeling great and looking good are all in a day's work for this LA lady!

Quick Breakfast: Protein Shake by Dr. Bo...

Dinner on a buys night: Protein Shake or Salad with grilled Shrimp




Harper's Bazaar 

Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett by Natalie Evans-Harding

Dec. 19, 2012 - Bazaar: If you ever need to get in shape quickly for a part or a shoot what do you do?

Blanchett: "I've done a lymphatic cleanse a few times for liver, kidneys and gallbladder - there's a guy in Los Angeles called Dr. Bo Wagner. It's not to lose weight, it's more of a detox but I felt fabulous after it. It's hardcore; it's a month long and all herbal and you detox, cleanse and then renew everything. You don't eat for a week but it really made me feel incredible."




NY Jason Lee

Whisker Rebellion

Jason Lee by Sandra Ballentine

Sept. 1, 2011 - When Jason Lee decides to take it off, he takes it all off. The 41-year-old actor, who played an affable, overweight and almost comically hirsute slacker on "My Name Is Earl" from 2005 until 2009, recently shed 40 pounds and a whole lot of unnecessary facial hari. "I got chunky during 'Earl,' and I had the big mustache for four years," Lee says. "It was time to clean up my act."

He slimmed down thanks to a five-week cleanse under the direction of Dr. Bo Wagner, a leading Los Angeles diet guru. "He taught me proper food combining, and how to eat for my blood type," the actor says. "I cut out sugar, starch and booze, and I'm now as trim as I used to be in my early 20s, when I was skating. It's really gnarlly." (Lee became a professional skateboarder at 18 and still heads up Stereo Skateboards, the skate company he co-founded 19 years ago.)




The List Collective Carlota Espinosa

Carlota Espinosa: Co-Founder, Styloot + Television Producer

LA's Hottest Fashion and Beauty Haunts by a Very Haute Insider by Elaine

Aug. 3, 2011 - ELAINE SAYS: Emmy Award Winning Television Producer (covering Fashion Trends for Fox's, "Style File,") and most recently, VP of Haute Look, Carlota Espinosa knows Style, knows LA and has a tip...or 10 that she's happy to share. That store you meant to shop...she's been there. The beauty guru you always hear people talking about...she knows her. So get out your black books, people...and enjoy a few of Carlota's "Insider Bests"...which are pretty darn good.

Best Nutritionist: Dr. Bo Wagner

I have been going to Dr. Bo Wagner for years. I always considered myself a healhty eater but when I met Bo I had no idea how badly I was reallyl eating. I take his Garden of Plenty shake every morning along with his vitamins. I highly recommend him.




“HEALING and PREVENTING AUTISM”Healing and Preventing Autism 

By Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, M.D. 
A 2009 New York Times Bestselling Book


Page 60:
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel: "I partnered with Dr. Bo Wagner, who has been formulating vitamins and supplements for thirty years, to create Kartner Health."

Jenny McCarthy: "Dr. Bo Wagner and I go way back. He helped me with my own gut problems and taught me so much about the importance of vitamins and minerals. Because of him and his products I was able to believe in biomedical treatment when I first heard about it in the autism community, so the fact that you both created Kartner Health makes me want to do a happy dance."

Page 219:
Jenny McCarthy: "Let’s start with constipation. I was constipated my whole life and thought it was normal to go poop only once every fourteen days. It wasn’t till I moved out to L.A. and met with a nutritionist, Dr. Bo Wagner, that I realized how bad that was."



Splendora Halle Berry

Halle Berry's Diet

Feb. 12, 2008 - California-based Dr. Bo Wagner is reputed for his "healthy' weight loss programs; he offers nutritional counseling/lifestyle planning, but also and most importantly keeps celebrities and socialites in top shape with the most effective superfood shakes, trimming programs, multivitamins and enzymes.

Read The Full Article HERE >>>





US WeeklyJessica Alba 

 Jessica Alba 

Jan. 18, 2010 - Jump-Start Your Diet! The 5-foot-7 star lost 25 pounds postbaby and keeps slim with good carbs (fruits and veggies). Why it works Nutritionist Bo Wagner tells Alba, 28, to eat carbs separately from proteins:

"You can’t digest them at the same time. Excess carbs convert to sugar, which converts to fat."





In Touch Weekly Jenny McCarthy 2

 Jenny McCarthy Mixes and Matches Her Meals 

Jan. 5, 2009 - On vacation with boyfriend Jim Carrey in Hawaii on January 5, former Playboy Playmate, Jenny McCarthy proved she still has the centerfold-worthy figure that made her famous more than a decade ago. The 36 year old does it by following a blood type diet. "She eats lots of fruit, along with fish and turkey (but not chicken)," Jenny's nutritionist, Dr. Bo Wagner, tells In Touch. Jenny also follows rules about which foods she can eat in one meal. "She never combines protein with starch (white carbs like pasta or rice), and eats a salad instead." it seems all that careful meal planning works: Jim couldn't keep his hands off his girlfriend of more than two years.




REFINERY 29Refinery29 Bo Wagner

By Kate Mulling Super-Easy Fall-Prep Cleanses

Sept. 7, 2010 - Perhaps you did a bit too much eating, drinking, and wassailing this Labor Day weekend, or you just want to detox from the long summer months of sun and fun. Either way, we've got you covered with the three best ways to let you body heal for the fall. We've gathered three quick and healthy ways to jumpstart all you detox desires and we promise they are as easy as they are effective. From the nutritionist to the stars to the most potent vitamin supplements, be sure to check out the best wellness plans Los Angeles has to offer.

Dr. Bo Wagner: This nutritionist is a big proponent of herbal shakes and the blood type diet - and his big secret is to never eat proteins with starches. His supervised cleanses, including his famous "Magic Pak" can last anywhere from 10 days to a month, and leave stars like Jessica Alba and Jenny McCarthy feeling euphoric and 5 to 7 pounds lighter.




Stephani VictorStephanie Victor Skiing

Paralympic Alpine Skiing Champion, U.S.A.
Four-time World Champion

Five-time World Cup Champion Alpine Skier

Stephani continues to aim high and has her sights on a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Games. Stephani is one of the most celebrated names in U.S. adaptive alpine skiing. Among her many accomplishments, Stephani was profiled in Sports Illustrated magazine's Faces of '96. Stephani was also a torch bearer for the Salt lake City 2002 Paralympic Games.

I knew that winning the Paralympic Games would prove to be very difficult following such a hectic World Cup race schedule. I explained to Dr. Wagner I was concerned about not getting enough of the proper foods for my blood type on the road. Garden of Plenty® and Colon Magic® filled my suitcase on our trip around the world and proved to be far better in sustaining my performance than if I would have eaten the "American" food they offered. No one could believe that multiple Garden of Plenty shakes a day were my source of nutrients and energy instead of "dead" meals.



In Touch WeeklyJenny McCarthy 3

 Jenny McCarthy

May 26, 2008 - When she needs to get bikini-ready, Jenny, who has a six year old son, tells In Touch that she fills up on vegetables, fruit and soup. “Soups are very soothing, warm and nourishing,” explains her clinical nutritionist, Dr. Bo Wagner. Jenny makes her own with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, squash and vegetable broth.





 Gabby Reece's The Honeyline for WomenThe Honeyline

 Chef Sabra Ricci interviews Dr. Bo Wagner

April 25, 2009 - My intention is to educate my clients on healthy living so they can go anywhere in the world and make good decisions and be their best at all times. To encourage and help inspire their personal resolve to take better care of their bodies and minds by adopting my life-changing 7-step program, "The Wagner Way to Wellness®." It is not a quick fix, diet or one magic pill, but a lifestyle. Something you do every day of your life to achieve Total Body Wellness. The 7 steps are (1) Attitude is Everything, (2) Daily Exercise, (3) Correct Hydration, (4) Smart Food Combining, (5) Eating the Right Foods for Your Body and Blood Type, (6) Essential Daily Supplements and (7) Cleansing, Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Cardiovascular Testing.

Read The Full Article HERE >>>



AllureBritney Spears Allure

Dr. Bo Wagner 

Sept. 2007 - The rich have a new kind of bodyguard: Body Gurus who deliver weight loss and energy. They are the superstar nutritionist, acupuncturist, and food shrinks – the wellness pooh-bahs – whose ultimate goal is to make you tight, lean, and gorgeous. They have a celebrity following and an almost cult like devotion from those hell-bent on bodily perfection, or at least purification. Five practitioners, including Dr. Bo Wagner of Los Angeles, have gained a powerful reputation among those with extra cash and body fat to burn and seem to serve as a combination of cheerleader, guidance counselor, and loving-but-firm parental figure.

Read The Full Article HERE >>>



The Tonight Show with Jay LenoRebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn 

April 20, 2003 - I go to a Beverly Hills doctor; Dr. Bo Wagner. I’m in the middle of a month long cleansing. Part of the cleanse is a series of colonics, where you change your diet, eat the right food for your blood type, and use vitamins. It’s great! It’s like total Hollywood.




PeoplePatricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton 

June 7, 2004 - Many A-listers have gone on supervised diets with Dr. Bo Wagner, who runs Universal Life Force of Sherman Oaks, CA. Everybody Loves Raymond star, Patricia Heaton stated, “I’ve done major fasting detox programs with him (Dr. Bo Wagner), where I drink shakes, do colonics and I lost eight lbs in the week before the 2001 Emmys.



InStyleJosie Bissett

Josie Bissett

Summer 2001 - “No matter what I tried, five to seven pounds lingered, so I did a cleansing fast with Dr Bo Wagner. For seven days I drank herbal shakes and then gradually added food back into my diet. The pounds came off. It was the kick start I needed to eat right again”





InStyleGillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

June 1998 - X-Files star, Gillian Anderson stated she had just finished a rigorous 10-day “cleanse”, supervised by nutritionist Dr. Bo Wagner that has left her feeling euphoric.






Oct. 16, 2005

NY Times stated about Dr. Bo Wagner at Universal Life Force in the San Fernando Valley; this celebrity colon cleanser is swamped during awards-show season. His tummy flattening treatment helps stars squeeze into their dresses.


Each testimonial is a true and accurate representation of their experience and no one was compensated.  You may not experience the exact same results.  Most people who go through Dr. Bo’s  programs or use his products experience positive results.”  

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